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The crepito noise freak out smoothly between the noble space …
The aroma emanating from the air. Sit the power of transformation in the art of serving.
Dining beauty. Green vegetables dappled with a touch here and there of charm and flavor. Then silence. And we observe the minucia and the detail in the provision before the presence. You can see the detail. Scrutiny and fine array presents a delicate painted with the finest ingredients and traditional products. So is the Lamb Head. A guardian of traditional Portuguese food culture. We felt the presence almost spiritual strength of flavor. How good is the taste. That is the rhetoric that is imposed. An almost miraculous range that brings us to a cult space. As a Eucharistic ceremony that comes before the word Keepers faithful, translated in body and flavor. A moment lived in two. Who shares the end of dawn. Another celebrating the arrival of sunset. After the bread and wine, dessert. The divine blessing that liberates the body and the soul shrewd. They will be more, but these only ones where the Lamb Chief translates to flavor everything gently deposited on the finesse of his touch. Allow yourself to these pleasures.