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With the constant evolution of gastronomic trends in the hotel and catering sector, it is difficult to monitor the market and ensure the quality and attractiveness of products and gastronomic services. As consultants, we seek to minimize errors and shorten paths. We are especially sought to develop new products or restaurants for people who need someone experienced guidance. There are also several cases where the product or service already exists but needs to be improved and adapted to the market. The Chef Cordeiro leads since 2006, a team of professionals from various fields from the production of events, the hotel, restaurant and food production industrial, with which develops its work while consultor. Our company offers provides highly specialized consulting services, wagered on the development, maintenance or regeneration of gastronomic products and services.

We offer various services

Creative Consulting

Management Consulting

Concept Development, recipes and fact sheets

Letter Creation and degustation menus

Foodcost Control

Support for the choice of food products and suppliers

Information and application of new trends

Banquet Kits Creation and events

Creating wine lists

Classes and Cooking Demonstrations